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Our Story

ResponsiblyGrown was started by Richa and Nishit, in mid 2019, with a goal to provide grow clean food. Richa is a lawyer and Nishit comes from the digi-tech background. They left their professions and started this company out of passion towards farming and concern for what people around them were eating. Both of them have also been conscious about the kind of food the this generation is consuming; compared to what our grandparents used to consume.
It is alarming to learn about the kind of toxic chemicals, being used in the form of fertilisers, pesticides and insecticides while farming. This is known to be the lead cause of life threatening diseases becoming so common these days.  
Thus the idea of ResponsiblyGrown came into being; grow organic, chemical-free vegetables using traditional practices. Together with this, bringing complete transparency and traceability in regards to vegetables, fruits & products is what ResponsiblyGrown strives for.

As a next step, Richa & Nishit started looking for a farm around Delhi where they could grow vegetables. They soon started with one farm on Sohna-Palwal road and started growing organic vegetables. Soon two new farms got associated with ResponsiblyGrown. The second one is in Nalahgarh in Himachal and the third one is near Pataudi. 
Today, ResponsiblyGrown supplies fresh vegetables right after harvest from our farms near Gurgaon and vegetables/fruits with a higher shelf life from our farm in Himachal Pradesh. Our mission is to supply fresh, organic vegetables directly from the farm, so you know where your vegetables/fruits come from. Also, none of our vegetables are kept in any kind of storage, as putting them in cold storage reduces their nutrition level. Additionally, since these are completely organic vegetables they taste much better and have a high nutritional value.  
Apart from vegetables, now we have also expanded our product line by adding other organic products like jaggery powder, chawanprash, oils, spices, attas & more. Our products are completely handmade, following traditional processes. We do not use any preservatives or chemicals in our products. They are made in limited quantities and there are no industrial equipments is used. 
"ResponsiblyGrown not because we needed to, but because we wanted to. We are committed to our larger purpose and that’s what makes us happy"
-- Richa & Nishit

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