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We are now Sanesa Natural Farms


organic goodness


Delhi NCRs biggest organic online store

Why Naturopathy

We Understand Organic

When we say "ResponsiblyGrown", we mean growing our produce with utmost care to the crop,  the soil, the surrounding & the environment.
We understand the responsibility to growing and delivering something that is sacred; consumed by another being. When we grow, we know we are responsible for your health.
Thus, what started with just an idea of bringing to you clean, naturally grown & traceable produce has now evolved to one of the fastest growing organic-brands in India. 

From Produce to Products, everything organic  

Our produce is still made in the traditional process using iron karahis, ghee etc

Fresh produce delivered within hours of harvest

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Who are we

Know more about us & our practices


Delivering to NCR 

Fresh & organic vegetables and fruits delivered directly from our farms

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Delivering across India

Preserves, spices, teas, sweets etc. delivered across India

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We use & encourage organic practices while growing, so that no toxic chemical reaches your table. Your aim is to reduce the life-threatening diseases, allergies etc which have become common due to excessive use of chemicals in growing & making food  


Our natural farming practices are also directed towards reducing common anti-nature practices. From self-made natural fertilisers to creating our own seed-bank, we use traditional & sustainable agricultural practices


With ResponsiblyGrown, you can trust that your kitchen only gets true, organic, chemical-free produce. We take pride in making our switch to a chemical-free, healthy life 

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Download our app & start your organic journey

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Order harvest direct from our farms

Delivered within hours of harvest

Get cashbacks and discounts

Manage subscriptions

& more

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Hands that grow your produce


Owned farms

8 acres of land across NCR, UP and Uttrakhand used for growing local seasonal produce & fruits


Partner farms

Farms in Haryana & Himachal where organic produce is grown by ResponsiblyGrown  


Organic farmers

A network of 45+ organic farmers from across India with certified and lab-tested produce delivered to you

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Grow with us 

If you are an organic farmer, or a organic farming community, or want to explore organic farming and want to explore collaborative opportunity with ResponsiblyGrown

Call us at

98189 23343

Learn with us

If you are looking for learning opportunities in the field of agriculture, organic retail or want to work with us

Write to us

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Follow our journey

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